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  • Product Description

      Amethyst + Alchemist (Purple) is a handmade, pearlescent bath bomb soak that was inspired by one of nature's most beautiful phenomenons -The Amethyst. Just like a lullaby this powerful experience will lull you into a zen-like state preparing you for optimal beautifying sleep, muscle recovery, and overall cellular retention. Goodnight Insomnia!

      Key ingredients: 

      • french lavender
      • vetiver
      • plant-based melatonin
      • peppermint leaf
      • Spanish rosemary
      • neroli
      • sage
      • thyme


      • sound, natural sleep
      • soothes the senses
      • aromatherapy for nervousness and insomnia
      • headache relief
      • eases stress
      • treats oxidative stress in the body
      • revitalizes aching muscles

      Signature scent: lavender, peppermint, spearmint, rosemary



      Full Spectrum of Possibilities (Rainbow)

      This gentle yet effective handmade pearlescent bath bomb soak is packed with a cocktail of anti-inflammatory ingredients and skin-soothing oils. In the bag, these 4 colors unite and blend together to bring a high-level spectrum of optical effects worthy of a truly innovative bathing experience.

      You won't just see pretty water, you'll see inspiration and infinite possibilities that remind you to dream and believe.

      Key ingredients:

      • vitamin c
      • chamomile
      • vitamin e
      • lemongrass
      • shea butter
      • magnesium
      • arnica flower


      • eases pain
      • promotes sleep and relaxation
      • boost immunity
      • moisturizes and nourishes skin
      • soothes muscles
      • relieves inflammation
      • reduces stress
      • alleviates joint pain

      Signature scent: melon, citrus, sandalwood, jasmine, grass, and violet.



      Under the Pale Moon Sky (Blue) Soothe your senses with the Under The Pale Moon Sky pearlescent bath bomb soak. This serene experience has a calming effect that stimulates balance and harmony.

       Key ingredients:

      • Indigo
      • Passionflower
      • Blueberries
      • Juniper


      • Reduces muscle pain
      • Essential for stress management
      • Improves focus
      • Promotes foot health and less swelling
      • Awakens the creative part of the brain
      • Promotes a relaxing state of mind
      • Soothes and calms the skin

       Signature scent:

      • Blended lilac
      • Rose oil
      • Wild lily


      How to use: shake the desired amount into your bath under warm, running water (for best results we recommend using 1/3 of the pouch per bath), soak for 30 (or more), enjoy the kaleidoscope effects of the bathwater, let the rich herbs and minerals soak away any discomfort, allow your tiny pores drink up all the good stuff —and (literally) feel all your troubles (and sore muscles) fade away.

      Don't have a bath? Use me in the shower! All soaks are handcrafted with a meticulous blend of healing salts, plant powders, skin-loving oils, and moisture-rich minerals. To use as an exfoliant, place some in your hand, dampen it and massage it into your skin.

  • Product Details
    • Variant: Under the Pale Moon Sky
    • Weight: 14.0 oz