About Us



You know that ridiculously idealistic saying about working toward the life you love or building the life you want to live or however it goes? Well we’re doing that.

Life is hard. We’re constantly transitioning, adjusting, pivoting, coasting, surviving, thriving, or just plain old existing. So why not exist in a space filled with good people and things that make you feel happy, healthy, and excited? Jax & Co. is here as a space for you to add to your collection of things that fill your cup. While we consciously know that puppies and happy hour probably bring you the most joy, we can’t exactly sell you those on the internet. We can, however, bring you products that encourage you to indulge in some self care; pieces that make you excited that you’ve found the perfect gift; and items that spark conversation in your home, kitchen, office, and wardrobe.

Jax & Co. was born out of love and transition. An homage to our founder’s last name, with the extension of a welcoming hand towards company. Connected by an ampersand as a reminder that nothing lasts forever, but there is always an “and.”

We’re not here to be outgrown as you transition or left behind after the next trend. We’re here to grow and adjust with you, and as your needs change, so will your exploration of what we bring to the table!

So pull up a seat, because you can sit with us.