Skincare That Stuck

March 16 2021

Skincare That Stuck

Skincare That Stuck

You know this time last year, March 2020, when we started to realize that "2 weeks to flatten the curve" just wasn't cutting it? And coincidentally, the annual Sephora sale was happening so we all jumped on the train of upgrading our skincare while we were cooped up and our orders took 3-4 weeks to get to us? Well, one year later, I am here to share the skincare that stuck!

Here are the products that I've been using for a full year now that I'm loving. My skin profile: Dry to Normal - Fall through Winter, my forehead is dry and itchy. Spring through Summer, I can keep moisturized a little better. I am not sensitive to any chemical products and I don't get redness from skincare products. I get redness from blemishes that pop up maybe once or twice a month. Please keep in mind, I am sharing my experience as a consumer, not as a aesthetician, licensed artist, or any sort of skin-professional.


Youth To The People's Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask

This... is my new nighttime holy grail. I will never leave my medicine cabinet without it and it came on all my trips with me for the last year. This is an overnight mask that you top off your nightly skincare routine with and sleep in. You could use it everyday, but I incorporate is 2-3 times a week and see great results. I bumped up my usage more in the winter when I was struggling with dryness. After sleeping in this, I wake up with bright, vibrant, bouncy skin. I didn't realize that I was waking up dull until I started using this! Since this comes in a twist off jar, I use this tool to get it out so it stays clean and fresh! Embarrassing but no filter selfie included for your viewing pleasure - I took this after my first time using this because I was SO impressed. The night before this photo, all I did was cleanse and apply this mask!


Youth To The People's Superfood Cleanser


Another new staple in my routine (and my husband and my whole family that I turned on to this) is this cleanser! I didn't realize I could love a cleanser. I sort of just saw them as a staple of a good skincare routine, a product that every brand makes, and just blah. Well, I was wrong. In an effort to try to cut some plastic out of my life and try something new, I came across an ad for this product begging me to buy it because it always sells out, so I did! There is a reason it sells out all the time. It's clean and fresh in smell, lathers nicely but not too crazy, and gets every bit of gunk off my face. Crusty mascara melts away and my pores are CLEAN with this! It comes in a glass jar with a pump and you can also get a travel mini or a large refill for these. It sells out all the time, so if you see it in stock somewhere, do yourself a favor and grab it. 

Sunday Riley's Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment


Not to be mistaken by their Good Genes Glycolic Acid Treatment, I am in love with and a convert to the Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment! I am on my fourth bottle of this because, again, this is also a favorite of my other half so it gets used up well. This is the chemical exfoliant I keep in my routine. The ingredients in this formula work to help you shed your dull surface layers of skin and give you bright, even skin with less visible dark spots and wrinkles. You can use this product day or night in combination with your other skincare products which I also appreciate. I use it daily, but my husband with more sensitive skin uses it 3-4 times a week. I know routines can be tough, but if you're diligent with this one, you're more likely to see results! 

Marc Jacobs' (Re)Cover Hydrating Coconut Lip Oil


A fun find, in the early pandemic phase when glassy lips were in and lipstick was no where to be seen, I wanted to find a great lip oil to stay hydrated without any sticky feeling. Now, I have one of these in my desk, in all my purses, and in my car. I love it! Truly nothing sticky about it, this lip oil has a light coconut scent and even though it loses that bright initial shine after about 30 minutes of rubbing, I get hours of moisture from it. A great lip product addition that I keep stocking up on because I never want to be without it! 

Drunk Elephant's Marula Luxury Facial Oil

So by now you can probably tell that hydrated skin is important to me. I know some gurus will tell you that face oils are an unnecessary step if you moisturize, but I just love them. I like the glow, I like the feel, and I find my skin to be in great condition when I use them consistently. Also, it is untrue that oily skin should not use oils! Again, no professional here, unless 19 hours of skincare tutorials, reviews, and formulations on YouTube makes me one. Don't be afraid of good skin oils. This one, as well as the Youth to the People one, are my favorites. I mix this oil into my skincare ingredients sometimes when I'm tired or lazy, or I just use it on it's own for some replenishment. When I have the time or need a second for myself, I apply this oil with this facial roller to really get it in there and give myself some time to relax and pamper my skin. I also dab a little of this on my crazy-dry cuticles to keep myself from picking them to death. 

Summer Friday's Overtime Mask

Last but not least, this face mask. Not the most heavily talked about from this brand, I love the Overtime Mask! When I look for products, I am usually looking for something to help with dullness or plump and hydrate. This mask physically exfoliates so I only use it maybe once every week or two so I don't hurt my face. I find the grit to be effective enough to remove my dull layer but not too abrasive that I am damaging my skin. After I use this mask, I always feel like I just need to apply some face oil and I'm good to go! Also, who doesn't feel fresh and accomplished after they take the time for a mask?


Thanks for this journey through the skincare products I am still loving a year after incorporating! If you haven't already, this is your PSA to remember that skincare and makeup products don't last forever, so if you binged in your shopping carts last year, make sure all your products are still worthy of being patted into your precious skin.


Let me know what products you've incorporated that you love!

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