This is how we got our name

April 22 2021

This is how we got our name

This is how we got our name

Names are a funny thing. Sometimes, they are so simple and descriptive for a business, and other times, they’re convoluted or confusing. Your personal name is attached to so many experiences, stories, sweet (and not-so-sweet) nicknames, and of course, can be an extension of your family or a reflection of how you want to represent yourself. So, naming can be complicated. Not hard per se, but complicated. Will people like it? Is it hard to spell? Is it reserved by another business? Names are identity, they’re recognition, they’re how something is talked about and referred to. 

So how did we get ours? Well, our founder’s last name is Jackson. A family name tied to so many holidays together, weddings celebrated, milestones reached, and accomplishments achieved. But this wasn’t going to be a “family business” exactly so it couldn’t be that simple. This business was built with a desire to create connections and community, to bring people together. So we’ve got Jackson plus some company as we hope to grow and involve more creative, passionate, and kind brains in the future - then we tie it together. The ampersand is so important to our business. As you’ve undoubtedly seen, our sweet ampersand is everywhere. Its symbolism is powerful - a broken infinity signifying that nothing lasts forever but there is always an “and”. The end of one thing coupled with the brightness of what is next. Exactly like the start of the business. An idea born through a pandemic, mundane 9-5 work, and creative ruts. This business was the light behind it all; the little glass of creative juice that was getting so full and needed to be used. A place for people to come for themselves, their loved ones, or just for fun. And once it had a name, there was no stopping it. 


Introducing, Jax & Co. 



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